Friday, 20 July 2012

Vegan Passport

As a vegan, one of the things I have become increasingly concerned about is travelling.
Exploring abroad can turn into a miserable experience if you battle to communicate with the locals of the specific country. 

So my advise is to do as much research as you possible can before going. This means looking for restaurant guides, finding the translations for words like 'vegan' 'no animal products' and 'dairy and meat'.
There are many websites that can assist you like the Happy Cow or The Veg Guide.

Another great tool is the Vegan Passport. This little book covers 73 languages, which you can use all over the word to hand to chef's or waiters in order to ensure your meal is completely animal-free.

So don't put off your travels because of your cruelty-free lifestyle, simple adapt and explore the many possibilities and adventures.

Happy vegan travels!  

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